Successful Landing of Curiosity on Mars

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The staff at mission control in California welcomed with hugs and shouts of joy Curiosity landing on the surface of Mars.

The U.S. space agency NASA says the device, the size of a small car and a ton of weight, maintained a perfect course in your journey of almost nine months since I took off from Earth.

Landing on Mars exceeded what the NASA engineers described as “seven minutes of terror”: the ship was slowed by a parachute before they were lit eight small thrusters to control its descent.

Details and specifications

These are the main features of the mission:

  • Curiosity’s main mission is to determine whether Mars has had at some time conditions to support life.
  • The project has cost U.S. $ 2,500 million and operating on the red planet last two years, Earth time.
  • On board the robot is plutonium generators produce heat and electricity for 14 years.
  • It takes 75 pounds of useful payload, more than 10 times than previous robots had.
  • Contains equipment for cleaning and rock drilling, collect samples and classify them.
  • You can do analysis to determine the chemical composition of rocks, soil and atmosphere.
  • Even carries a laser for cutting stones and identify the atomic composition of the same.

The first photo

The first picture of Curiosity landing on Mars.

The mission decided to choose the Gale Crater as a landing site because satellite photos showed sediments in the depression that looked as if they had formed due to the presence of water.

“We see much evidence that water was on Mars in the distant past and flowed across the surface possibly by millions of years,” said Ashwin Vasavada , one of the scientists in charge of the mission.

“This mission is a step forward in the task of trying to understand if the environment in which the water there was habitable. Were there basic ingredients for life? We will learn what were those conditions when life was more propable in the remote history of Mars, “he said.

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