Student launches site to prove that privacy in social networks is an illusion

Student launches site to prove that privacy in social networks is an illusion. “We know what it is doing”

“We know what it is doing.” Callum Haywood, a British student of 18 years, wants to prove that the comments you put on Facebook can be much more public than we imagine. He made a website where he reveals who wants to be fired, who is hung over, who uses drugs and who has a new phone. And there are long lists of posts with revelations. Some say he hates the boss, who has changed his phone number and show the world the new (and not only to friends), who write that “God smoked cannabis’ and who complain about being hung over. This is indeed the theme with more entries. Callum implemented a tool that allows you to collect posts where they appear precisely this kind of ‘keywords’ and off they go to their site to stop. And says the project Weknowwhatyourdoing dot com is “an experiment” to prove that privacy in social networks is an illusion.”strikes me a lot to show people in their public posts to Facebook, which is one of the reasons why I launched the site, “said Callum told CNN:” I created it so people are aware of the issues it raises with this kind of information on Facebook without advertising enabled settings. ” The site was launched on Monday and Callum says that after 24 hours had 120,000 visitors. It likes to thousands of users Facebbok. The Nottingham student leaves the site a warning that it is not responsible for comments posted, but to stand ready to remove any post more compromising, the user request. But remember that this does not erase Facebook

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