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The popular social network has created a new space that aims to be the meeting point of all the stories users want to tell you about an issue that will Facebok released each month .

The idea is to present a topic that the website will be collecting stories . During that time each user can be documented through the social network library will provide. The first theme is “Remembering” and you have stories about that concept.

For example, on the cover picture of the facebook story page includes a video linked called People You May Know (People who might know) , which presents the history of Mayank Sharma, a 29 year-old New Delhi (India) who lost his memory after contracting meningitis tubercular .

Sharma was reunited with his friend with the option of “People who might know” of Facebook, and so one could remember all the experiences that have been lost throughout his illness.

Another of the stories can be viewed on Facebook Stories has been “a group of passionate residents are turning to the collective memory of the community to save a local building.”

The Petrie Building came to Guelph (Ontario) in 1917 but it takes years of neglect in terms of maintenance and this is what they see people in the area. Facebook joined the initiative and provided a great help to attract more than 400 members to the website to share memories and strategies to ensure that the Petrie remain standing.

In August, the scoop is author Joshua Foer , who will share some of the titles that helped him win the Championship of America Memorial in 2006. Of the books that make up the list of highlights Foer: “Moonwalking with Einstein: The Art and Science of Remembering Everything” (“Moon Walk with Einstein: The Art and Science of Remembering everything”).

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