Steve Ballmer claims that Surface is a “real business”

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Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has said that the first ‘tablet’ of the company, Surface, not dominate the market today, but warned that the new device is a “real business” and not just a stunt.

Microsoft Surface arrived last October in different countries like the U.S. and Canada. However, the first ‘tablet’ of the Redmond came at a time when Apple’s iPad already dominating the market and in which many manufacturers had also opted to extend its strategy towards this sector. Furthermore, the advent of Surface occurred gradually as, for example, in the case of Spain Surface has appeared not to one week ago.

Bill Gates himself, founder and president of the company, claimed in an interview this week may not be very pleased with the innovations introduced by the Redmond team in recent years. Gates said the products launched, Xbox, Surface, Windows Phone-are good products but the company has squeezed the most of their efforts in the field of innovation.

Gates also said that the current CEO, Steve Ballmer, shared some of their thoughts and in an interview with MIT Technology Review on Wednesday, Ballmer is aware that Microsoft Surface will not become a market leader.

But although it is aware that it will dominate the market, Ballmer himself relying 100 percent on that Surface is “a real business.” “In an environment that has sold 350 million computers, do not think Surface will dominate in volume but is a real business,” he says. Also says he is “super happy” to have made a ‘tablet’ as Surface as Ballmer is important to “see integrated hardware and software” not only for Microsoft but for the entire Windows ecosystem.

Besides Surface, Ballmer also referred to Windows 8. With this release, Microsoft has decided to create a single interface for both computers to ‘smartphone’ and ‘tablet’. In this regard, Ballmer has said that this decision was taken in order to create both for users and companies “a more seamless user experience.”

Finally, Ballmer also talked about the future vision of the company. In this regard, the CEO of Microsoft has said that they are currently involved in the definition of a future focus on productivity, entertainment and communication “in a new world where the software will have to be integrated or at least designed, including cloud services and devices. “

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