Steve Ballmer admitted that Microsoft came late in the tablet market

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  • Steve Ballmer has responded to the shareholders at the annual meeting with them.
  • Ballmer said that smartphones with Windows operating has sold four times more than during the same period last year.
  • The official also spoke on why Microsoft’s stock remained at the same level they were 10 years ago.
The CEO of Microsoft , Steve Ballmer defended the company’s record on innovation and financial performance at the annual meeting of shareholders, but admitted he should have been quicker to enter the tablet market dominated by the iPad of Apple .

Bill Gates , co-founder of software world’s largest, was one of the first to advocate for tablet devices over 10 years ago, but Microsoft failed to produce a product that worked as well as the iPad.

Gates was silent during the meeting, which was attended by 450 shareholders. “We are innovating in the union of software andhardware , “Ballmer said, when asked why his company had fallen behind rival Apple. “Maybe we should have done before,” he added.

A month ago,  Microsoft launched the tablet Surface -its first own-branded computer but has not disclosed sales figures.

We are innovating in the binding of ‘software’ and ‘hardwarein the tablet market, “we see nothing but a sea of benefits,” said Ballmer, an acknowledgment that Microsoft had actually far had zero presence in the market tablets. “‘ I am satisfied about our level of innovation, “he added.

Ballmer said that smartphones with operating software Windowswere sold four times more than during the same period last year. Microsoft has never provided sales figures for Windows phones, mainly manufactured by Nokia , Samsung and HTC .

Windows currently has a 2 to a 4% share in the global smart phone, according to several independent data providers. Its global market share probably will not grow in proportion to their own sales, as sales of other smartphones, which mainly operating on the system Android from Google-are also growing rapidly.

Several shareholders asked Ballmer, who was accompanied by Gates and Chairman of finance Peter Klein, explaining the unattractive price of Microsoft’s stock. These have remainedstagnant for a decade and have been overcome by the actions of Apple and Google  in recent years. “I understand your comment,” he told a shareholder, and then went on to explain that Microsoft had “done a phenomenal job promoting product volumes” and focused on profit from that growth. Ballmer hinted that he was out of reach to see if investors recognize that value at any given time.

“The stock market is a funny thing,” he said, adding that Microsoft had returned 10,000 million (EUR 7.737 million) in dividends and share repurchases to shareholders in the last fiscal year.

Microsoft shares  rose almost 18% during fiscal 2012, which ended in June this year, compared to a 3% increase in the Standard & Poor’s 500. Despite these fluctuations, Microsoft shares remain at the same level they were 10 years ago.

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