Start8 adds the start menu of Windows 7 to Windows 8

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The elimination of the start menu of Windows 8 has led to the emergence of many critics, who either has been one of the aspects most talked interface. Microsoft wants to forget all its previous menu and has chosen to delete it as is, without any trace of it in Windows 8. Start8 application is a shareware that adds that much desired start menu for some users .

Windows wants to focus primarily on touch devices, why he has done to increase the number of critical users using desktop or laptop computers without touch technologies. Start8 menu we added an almost identical like Windows 7, plus incorporate two different view styles : the classic version (like its predecessor) and Modern UI (Metro).

Among its other features, we can jump directly to the screen avoiding escitorio Modern UI (Metro) for Windows 8, we can launch and seek applications from the very start menu or even access the operating system settings.

It is not all positive. A few months ago, when Start8 was only available in beta, was totally freeware(free). Now, with the release of the final version and further improvements in the application, it becomes shareware , or what ye same, pay with a trial version of 30 days .

It is clear that with these changes we can do nothing. Microsoft wants to impose its revolutionary new operating system and we have to accept it, no matter what. But there will always be applications developed by third parties for these cases, and will be our choice or instead install, adapt to change. At this point we might ask ourselves a question: if we do not like the new features of Windows 8 and just applying alternative solutions, why in the end I just installed? Perhaps the best answer may be to adapt or die trying .

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