Star Wars Angry Birds now available and ready for download

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Objective: to end once and for all with the Empire pigs. This is the new role of Angry Birds Star Wars , a new edition of the popular video game of the sparrows pissed already available and ready to be downloaded for various platforms. In fact, you can enjoy this ingenious proposal virtually all users of different operating systems, which undoubtedly is always a great success. And by now. For the occasion, the company Rovio (owner of this brand and almost legendary saga) has joined forces with Lucasfilm , a classic among classics of video games and movies. In fact, LucasFilm shot to stardom thanks to such mythical games like Monkey Island or Maniac Mansion , adventure games of old. Your library can not miss, so this time they could not disappoint. Angry Birds Star Wars brings many improvements and nods to the game that once launched and LucasFilm and are also held in its sequel, Space .

But what about this game? What’s New in this special edition? Well, you’ll see that in this case the birds show a substantial change when an enemy bomb. And they can use weapons, something unheard of in its class . In fact, some will have an opportunity to make shots and of course, hold light sabers to attack their eternal enemies : the pigs. On the stage, we can say that the center of the story unfolds on Tatooine , the planet of two suns, place from which we can move to other worlds. In fact, moving forward we have to be especially good at the game and unlock screens based on our achievements . As usual in Rovio , over time is more than likely to add new levels and displays. This will require waiting a few weeks , but it would be strange if we could see an update ahead of schedule.

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Well, if you want to download this new game you’re in luck, because from yesterday is in virtually all application stores for smartphones and tablets. Find it at Google Play , the market for apps you have open Google for Android , in this case 2.70 euros for the version in HD or free , as always, but will bring publicity. They can also download the owners of iPhone and iPad . In the first case will cost 0.90 euros and the second, to 2.70 euros . Finally, those who want to play the birds through your Mac will have to pay an amount of 4.50 euros . This will have the right to download the updates. The game is also available in the app store Amazon and will soon be available for Windows Phone and Windows 8 . Hope you enjoy it and you can share your impressions in the comments section … What do you think you play?

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