STAMINA mode of Sony Xperia Z does not work after the latest update

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STAMINA mode of Sony Xperia Z

STAMINA mode of Sony Xperia Z

In late March, the flagship of Sony received its latest software update. But apparently, some users begin to see that one of the strengths of the Sony Xperia Z has started to not work after recent improvements. And this function is the STAMINA mode , in charge of optimizing the resources of the smartphone and it does not make excessive use of the battery. In short: that their autonomy is greater.

Sony STAMINA mode presented as the only solution to get a reasonable battery life . Moreover, according to the data gave the Japanese company, users would get up to 400 percent more capacity, depending on the parameters. How to activate this feature? Going into “Settings”, activate the STAMINA mode , and there can be dialed by applications that want to disable when entering sleep mode smartphone.

Among the many options that Sony offers, you can disable notifications for SMS, MMS, e-mail or calendar. As for connections, can also be deactivate WiFi, GPS and Bluetooth . Although eye, all return to work after the user commonsense to use the computer again.

However, all this seems to have stopped working after the last update that was launched on March 25 . The numbering of these improvements was  10.1.A.1.434 . But beware, not that you can not turn off applications or enter STAMINA mode menu . Apparently, some users have noticed how after starting the battery saving, no accompanying figures as before. Ie not produced any improvement in the battery performance.

We must also remember that it is the only company that has had a failure after a new update. The clearest example of recent months has been Apple with its iPhone 5 . And the battery saving is one of the outstanding issues of Cupertino. Although in the case of the bitten apple company, these improvements could come in the form of new full version of iOS, its own mobile platform, and the arrival of a new iPhone 5S . All this in the month of June.

Meanwhile, from the portal Xperiablog have commented that the test unit are holding has suffered the same problems , so expect that Sony is aware of this bug and soon put the solution in the market through a new improvement , for it is the first smartphone from the Japanese with a quad-core processor with an improved chassis and resistant to dust and water . As a full HD (1080p) five inches diagonally.

Of course, the Sony Xperia Z bet on Android as recent market launches. Although this model is already enjoying Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean , one of the latest versions of Google and possibly receive in the last few months numbering green android icons.

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