Spotify plans to major changes in its web

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Spotify is working on a complete redesign of its desktop version. New playlists, a wide range and a more intuitive interface will dominate the new website. In addition, changes in pose iOS app.

As reported in the blog about technology TechCrunch  , citing multiple sources, Spotify has decided this year stagnate updates its website to launch a new redesign, which would arrive in the coming months. Despite being hegemonic in the platform market music streaming, Spotify wants to compete with Radio , a U.S. platform that has more features on its website.

The changes could make Spotify completely swept all its competition by offering music and options offered. The music catalog will be expanded considerably and also provides a synchronization option enabled so that you can access from any device. In this line, sources say it will be even faster than the current version. Also integrate new functionalities.

Although the company has not commented on the matter, it appears that many of the innovations will focus on the social web. A likely option will be to show suggestions of friends or their last songs heard. Also, the interface will be renewed and simplified to be more intuitive and more flexible navigation. The new version will be available, as well as the current, for Safari, Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer.

Moreover, the changes come with a new strategy in line with the application for mobile devices. The company renewed its iOS app, allowing the intrusion of third-party apps in its API for Apple’s mobile operating system, which could cause the company to compete strongly against iTunes.

New Apps for iPhone Spotify could do more competitive to face its iTunes platform, which paradoxically is the major source of income for Apple in online music sector. The first update will arrive in October, although the company has not issued a specific date yet. 


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