Spain become third European country with the largest number of app downloads

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Android leads the market with 78% of Android.

Spain is the third country in Europe where more app downloads are performed, according to a new study.

Spain got the third place with 120 million downloads , 93 million is the operating system from Google, Android and the other 27 million Apple iOS.

They are just above this country, UK in the first place with 277 million apps (207 million to 70 million Android and iPhone) in September and Germany in second place, with 168 million apps (122 million for Android and 46 million iPhone).

In the case of Spain the number of downloads or 2.6 apps per person per month.

78% for Android

The European market of 790 million app downloads recorded in September which according to estimates madvertise represents a 43% increase .

During this period, Android has managed to double its number of downloads, while Apple, his nearest rival their discharges has been reduced by 30%.

In Spain this trend is seen specifically for Android and a 78% of the downloads are for this operating system.

On the behavior of the Spanish market, Android will download more applications in the field of communication and social networks while on iOS are the most sought after games.

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