South Korea fines Apple and Samsung for copying each other

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tribune to that of  South Korea  has decided to punish by fines and withdrawal of some products toApple and Samsung for infringing some patents of their mobile device, in one of the chapters of the open legal war between the two tech giants.

Judge Bae Jun-hyun Seoul imposed on the U.S. Apple fined 40 million won (about $ 35,300) for violating two patents surcorena company technology functions relating to Samsung wireless data transmission (wireless) and ordered him to withdraw South Korean market products related to these patents, including the “smartphones” iPhone 3S and iPhone 4, and the first two versions of its iPad tablet.

The measure does not include the two latest models of Apple, the iPhone 4S, released late last year and is now waiting to be relieved by its fifth version, and the new iPad, which came out in late March.


In the case of Samsung, the world’s largest manufacturer of mobile phones, the judgment rules that infringed a patent relating to the management of devices and provides a fine of 25 million won (about $ 22,000). For the judge, Samsung copy the rebound effect that occurs on the screen when you reach the end of a document, a detail that has been replaced in the new models of Samsung.

The company may also sell products that include this technology, among which are neither its latest versions of smart phones, the Galaxy S2 and S3, and its Galaxy Tab tablet.


Analysts suggest, however, that sanctions against both not affect their sales in South Korea since they refer to old products, while fines are almost symbolic for its low amount. Many stress, however, that the South Korean giant out of sight with good taste because the judge found that it did not violate design patents the Cupertino company.

Today’s sentence, enacted in the country of Samsung, occurs while waiting for the verdict of the trial billionaire waged in California (USA), the headquarters of Apple, and that could condition the huge mobile phone market in that country.

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