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Nothing couriers on motorcycles carrying our delicate hard drives or SD card pigeons in his loins. SoShare already among us and provides a method to send files up to 1 TB . Its creators, BitTorrent , known to take advantage of all the platform they have built and are now presented with a free online service that will fly brains to many who need to send large files online.

Fast internet connections already exist and work very well, the problem is that they are not sufficiently distributed to access a stage to make downloads and uploads of streaming data and fluid instantaneous thing. While we wait for that day, we still need to upload large files with current connections, suffering the vicissitudes of technology. In this little problem we have to add the job of finding a place to upload or send large files, up to several gigabytes in size. Well. Now there is SoShare , and although we believe quite exaggerated, this beast of website developers BitTorrent lets send files up to 1 TB .

The service inside - SoShare: Send files up to 1 TB

On behalf of BitTorrent comes this service that will allow an increase in quality and speed, as well as bear the files in the cloud for 30 days, before they expire and are purged automatically. Of course if you want to extend the storage period, SoShare provide a method of payment, which will also be used to finance the service. Shedding those leaving up to 4GB free, SoShare come up to just under 1 TB . The service works without registration for those who want to download files, but if you want access to all the options, we recommend the inscription, which provides plugins to resume downloads and other practical actions for the regular user.

SoShare in action.  - SoShare: Send files up to 1 TB

Yes, a terabyte of information uploaded to the network with your name on it and visible only to whoever you want. Can you imagine? There you can move files folder, set up and organize your recipients for files with human destiny. Free Wholesale, SoShare is based on BitTorrent and uses it best to provide the summary plugin downloads. Currently in beta and all that security concerns come in the next installment, focusing on encryption.So if you want to try and help it become the new hit of the internet to send files up to 1 TB , this is your chance.


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