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The main BitTorrent client , uTorrent , torrent Sponsored appear after the next update, announced the development team in a forum post, Thursday, Aug. 9. A torrent is a small file to start the download of another file (movie, music, archive), through the system of “peer-to-peer” BitTorrent, providing the ability to upload a file decentralized manner with several users on the same system.

For the first time since its launch in 2005, the 125 million monthly users of thesoftware will then, at the top of their list of files being downloaded, sponsored links to download “different types of content” , explains its developers: “We will endeavor to provide offers pertaining to you, that is to say, movies, games , music, software … everything you find interesting. We will get there maybe not at first, but we will consider your feedback. “

This change should allow to uTorrent, which was acquired by BitTorrent in 2006, toincrease his income, derived mostly from its search bar, installed with the software if the user accepts. TorrentFreaks According to the website , the company earns Each year between 15 and 20 million

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