Sony Xperia ZR, the performance of more water-resistant mobile

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Sony has introduced its latest new big bet for the smartphone market. This is the Sony Xperia ZR , a terminal that goes further than any other mobile phone, breaking down barriers and expanding its use to further squeeze the potential of the device . Calum MacDougall, Head of Marketing at Sony Xperia Mobile Communications, says that thanks to a great combination of the best technology when Sony cameras and produce high water resistance have managed to create a smartphone with you will not miss any time .



The Sony Xperia ZR perfectly combines the best technology from Sony, multimedia applications and one-touch connectivity with a wide range of NFC accessories that increases increasingly. On the other hand, note that the Xperia ZR features or not of the most elegant and durable on the market, capable of dealing with anything that is put in front: resists dust and even water, being able to dip to 1 , 5 meters in fresh water, but yes, for a maximum of 30 minutes.


Record Full HD video underwater with your Sony Xperia ZR

No doubt you could say that the most striking feature of the new Sony Xperia ZR is that it is waterproof and submersible well, but to this we must add that we p ermite record Full HD videos and even photographs while underwater with great sharpness. To do this, it has a camera button that enables you to handle while we are under water and even makes photos terminal being blocked.

Another of the outstanding features of Sony Xperia ZR is that has the Exmor sensor for mobile RS Sony HDR for both video and photography. This sensor used within the superior auto mode combined with a scene recognition technology with high quality, leading to great results in almost any situation.

There is no doubt that the main advantage of the Sony Xperia ZR is the camera and the fact that it is waterproof under water, but we also highlight feature: it is capable of up to 15 frames per second in one shot .

Leaving aside some camera, the main protagonist, the Sony Xperia ZR has the mode STAMINA battery, which gets better battery life considerably, and that automatically turns the battery drain when the screen is off.

Sony Xperia ZR, the more water-resistant device.

Other features of the Sony Xperia ZR

Now we have spoken of their main characteristic star, but not the only noteworthy feature of the new terminal presented by Sony, and as you will see is a phone that will not leave anyone indifferent. What better way to enjoy the quality of our videos and photos with a 4.6-inch screen HD Reality made ​​with Mobile BRAVIA technology. The screen has aOptiContrast panel significantly reduces glare when we look at the phone while in Outside in the sun, something to be welcomed.

On the other hand, the Sony Xperia ZR has applications as WALKMAN, Album or Movies allow us to enjoy multimedia content both online and off. In the case of the application of album, it should be mentioned that we can access Facebook photos of our friends and also has a feature called “faces” that recognizes faces and grouping them into albums for easy search.

Sony Xperia ZR, the more water-resistant device.

The Sony Xperia ZR features the new Bluetooth Stereo Headset SBH50, one wireless headset that connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth and allows phone calls or enjoy our music. Finally, that it is available in various colors: white, black, pink and mint , which attached to the design makes that to be a really smart smartphone.

When will the market? But surely we can find markets that vary the time of arrival, is expected to be available in the global market for Q2 2013.

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