Sony Xperia Z Ultra have some problems with the unlock screen

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The first units of Sony Xperia Z Ultra (C6802 HSDPA +) and have come to very specific markets and users begin to report the first failure detected. The highlight has been the error function unlock screen . Power Button does not respond to keystrokes and therefore the display does not light. The latest firmware seems to be the solution.



The Sony Xperia Z Ultra has earned a place in the “pantheon of phablets” thanks not only for performance, but for their powerful and huge screen. However, some of the units sold-C6802 version-by retailers h an experienced failures related to the display and the screen unlock function.

Errors in video

This was reported by the portal Xperia Blog , which echoes some of the videos posted on YouTube that illustrate the problem as well as conversations between people living in forums such as XDA Developers . In these videos to appreciate several problems. The most prominent is the one that shows how despite pressing the Power the screen is unlocked and the user has no access to the system. Another detected errors related to the first. In the latter case, pressing the unlock button is activated the predetermination black background, but is repeated inability to access the Android home screen. Another detected faults also affects the unlock screen. Sometimes, at random (as it happens in the previous cases), the display shows an image with distorted colors.


For now only HSDPA + version has been affected

The debate created in the XDA forums among those affected has been determined that in most cases these problems are solved by installing the latest firmware version available, currently 14.1.B.0.475 version . Therefore, in the absence of official confirmation, it seems that such failures should the state of development of the operating system. Nevertheless and from the comments of users, the firm could have included a patch in the latest update for the model HSDPA +. Left unchecked, when it appears in our market LTE version (ref. C6833) shows the same symptoms or if instead the Sony Xperia Z Series Ultra and includes firmware that seems to fix the problems with the unlock screen.

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