Sony Xperia Tablet, filtered accessories for this tablet

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The new Sony tablet sounds increasingly harder . And even though the Japanese company has decided not to present it on the market, already known more accessories that will go on sale. The Sony Xperia S Tablet -as it is known in the Red-and has appeared in several images, suggesting that its design is very similar to what can already be seen in the current Sony Tablet S.

Android is the operating system that accompany this equipment . Furthermore, at least is expected to be Android 4.0 in charge of running the entire mechanism. Moreover, in a few days will begin the technology fair IFA 2012 held in the German city of Berlin. And this may be the location chosen by the manufacturer to unveil its new members among the expected new smartphones from the Xperia family .

Meanwhile, new accessories still appears that the Sony Xperia S Tablet . It is known that customers can get a cover that would cover all equipment in the style of Apple iPad -always keeping in mind the original model presented the year 2010. Furthermore, as this could also become a stand for all the customer had a more comfortable view of the screen should support it on a flat base. Also in the same case can see an integrated keyboard Bluetooth connection-with-that would make it easier to work as if to an entire laptop .

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On the other hand, have also appeared different bases where the Xperia Sony Tablet S could stand and play different roles. First, it has been known one basis with an integrated speaker . The Japanese tablet rest on a small base that protrudes from the main chassis, and with which the user could listen to all the music stored on the internal memory of the computer . Also, for everything to be much more comfortable, the team would come together with a remote control to regulate without getting off the couch, volume, change tracks, etc …

Meanwhile, we also have other basis that would more easily be able to synchronize all the material on a computer that already has a USB port in the back. This also would help the client let stand the Xperia Sony Tablet S when I get from work and want to charge the battery. In addition, another of the connections you have this accessory in the back is a HDMI port so it would serve to connect with a larger screen and enjoy higher quality multimedia content.

Also, the base where you connect the tablet is rotating , so the customer could place it in different angles and used to be used as if it were a small monitor and work-along with a keyboard- to desktop mode .

Finally, Sony also will sell very simple basis where only one can leave the tablet resting. Although in this case, the base will use a magnetic coupling type which will cause Tablet S Sony Xperia be sufficiently secured so that the user is unconcerned. For now, the prices of these accessories are unknown and it is also unknown what prices will move the new Sony equipment.

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