Sony Xperia SL: the successor to the Sony Xperia SL

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Since the start of the configuration of your catalog with independent mark-that is, unaccompanied by the Swedish Ericsson , who bought the shares in the joint venture that united the two companies since 2001 – the Japanese Sony has taken a run at this in to accumulate models in its portfolio of devices. It is therefore not surprising that the possibility has been highlighted by a high filtration from the website PostelWhat has been able to learn is a mobile , enrolled in the ranks of the company Nippon , which respond to the terminal  Xperia Sony SL -coded LT26ii -.

No data on the existence of this phone in the plans of Sony . At least, until now there has been no evidence of a device that meets either the name or product code revealed by Postel . However, and although only one is barely half since it was introduced the  Sony Xperia S , could be thought that the Sony Xperia SL is a renewal of the current top model in the catalog of the Japanese , amounting to some technical profile improvements in order to be more competitive with the advanced proposals that populate the market of smartphones , and those that are coming, already looming on the horizon the Galaxy Note 2 5.5-inch screen and processor four cores , and the dreaded iPhone 5 -.

Sony Xperia S

Nevertheless, it is difficult to determine which settings take the mysterious  Sony Xperia SL in order to meet the technical to the present competition. Judging by the name of which boasts, could be thought that a more generous size is one of the strongest candidates to command the attractions of the enigmatic device. Since the  Sony Xperia S has a 4.3-inch panel , which develops the best ratio of points per inch of the market , thanks to a resolution of 1,280 x 720 pixels in that format, the option of the  Sony Xperia SL present between 4.5 and 4.7 inches would be highly feasible.

Another option would be integrated in the profile of  Sony Xperia SL would be the processor . And is that while the Sony Xperia S has a dual-core 1.5 GHz, the possible relief at the top of the catalog of theJapanese bet, theoretically, for the four cores that are so popular among the mobile of first category.

Sony Xperia S

The camera would be unknown, brought to predict, since the Japanese and joined the  Sony Xperia powerful S-R Exmor 12.1 megapixel very remarkable. However, it should be careful, because as you we had many months ago, Sony has been working on a new technology that comes to develop over 16 megapixels in a highly bright and ready to capture images that make the sharpness and quality flag. This sensor and was seen in Sony Ericsson for launch never materialized in the global market. It could be, well, another candidate to be seen in the unprecedented  Sony Xperia SL .

Nevertheless, and since there is no official news or further evidence of the existence of  Sony Xperia SLshould save some wisdom and patience in the face of the emergence of more manifestations of this possible device. As soon as more data become available, we will make you know

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