Sony Xperia Mobile P brings dual-core chip and standard NFC

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The Xperia P is the “middle child” in line 2012 Mobile smartphone from Sony, called Xperia NXT.Despite setting a bit more modest than that of his brother Xperia S it is a device that delivers very sophisticated, like a dual-core processor, NFC, a beautiful screen and 8 MP camera, at an affordable price.
Sony Xperia Mobile P

The design is virtually the same as the Xperia S: elegant, with straight sides and back slightly bent, but without the errors of his project: there is no cap on the USB port (which is the upper left corner, along with an HDMI port) and touch sensor buttons corresponds to the Android icons printed on the bar under the translucent screen. The aluminum housing gives an impression of solidity, and matte silver finish is elegant and prevents the buildup of fingerprints.

The battery is not removable and there is no microSD card slot. The device uses MicroSIM cards, as the iPhone or Xperia S, inserted into a slot on the left side. It is possible to remove a “cap” on the underside, but there’s nothing down there besides the FCC stamp and serial numbers. This cover is the only part of the housing made of plastic, since that is where the antennas are.

“Tampa” inferior. Nothing here plus antennas and serial numbers

Inside the Xperia P has a dual-core processor Ericsson Nova Thor 1 GHz, 1 GB of RAM and 16 GB of internal memory. The rear camera has an 8 MP sensor and flash, and there is a front camera for video calls. There is also a NFC reader, as well as S Galaxy III Galaxy Xperia X and S. With this, you can use the device to read information stored in smart labels (such as Smart Tags from Sony) and perhaps in the future, as “electronic wallet” in mobile payment systems.

The 4-inch screen has a resolution of 540 x 960 pixels (also called QHD), the same apparatus as the RAZR or Atrix, both of Motorola. But with a highlight: it uses the technology, “White Magic” from Sony, which increases the brightness and clarity, especially in light of the sun. To get an idea, the LG Optimus Black has long been the smartphone with a brighter screen that has passed through our hands, with a brightness of 530 cd/m2 (candelas per square meter, a standard unit for measuring light intensity .) The Xperia P leaves the Optimus Black dust, up to 935 cd/m2.

The operating system is the P Xperia Android 2.3 (“Gingerbread”), with customization typical of Sony. The company plans an upgrade to Android 4.0, which should occur later this year.

Camera and Multimedia

The 8 MP camera makes very good pictures in daylight, but the night suffering from a lot of noise, such as the Xperia S. Since the Sony software is full of features, including smile detection, panorama mode and an ability to make 3D photos, which must be viewed in a 3D TV connected to this unit via HDMI. There’s only one problem: the camera has a tendency to “blow” very intense colors, such as Geranium Petals below.

Sample photo taken with the Xperia P. 

The camera can also be used to record video in Full HD (1920 x 1080 pixels, 30 frames per second) with continuous autofocus. 

Performance and battery life

The Xperia P has the same processor Samsung Galaxy S II Lite , so the performance in the benchmarks is similar: about 5,300 points in AnTuTu, a reputable brand and ahead of trendy handsets like the Motorola Atrix. 

We had no trouble playing high-definition video, and even sophisticated games like Asphalt 7 ran with good graphics quality and performance. The day-to-day he did not leave much to be desired, either in web browsing or social networking.

On the left side: USB ports, HDMI micro and micro SIM card slot

In the battery life, had a less than satisfactory results. I used the device in “typical use” as my primary smartphone, over three days. On average, got 14 hours of battery life with light use.But on a day of usage, the device was barely 11 o’clock. Autonomy in the video playback was also low, about 4 hours and 20 minutes in our tests with the device in airplane mode and screen brightness by 50%. That is, you will need a charger always around.


Anyone looking for a powerful smartphone and feature-rich but want to stay below $ 1,500 in Xperia P has a good choice. It is more expensive than devices in the same category as the Samsung Galaxy S II Lite, but has more internal memory, a screen with higher resolution, NFC, HDMI output and a better camera. Just like the battery life was better.

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