SONY: The Blu-ray will remain “the primary format” on PS4

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Playstation 4 will receive a console games hybrid format both physical and discharges, as with Playstation Vita. The leap to digital diskless not occur in the new generation of Sony, although they will “accelerate”, explained to IGN The CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, Jim Ryan.

In his own words: “[The downloads] not only apply to games, but to any form of entertainment, and is producing an increase in the trend of consuming downloaded content, something that happens with PS3 and Playstation will be accelerated 4. But the primary format for the big games will remain the Blu-ray “.

Playstation 4 is scheduled for release for “Christmas 2013”, although it is unknown whether it will sell in every market date . The console uses Blu-ray and PS3, but share launches in digital and physical format. This support has also become one of the systems of anti-piracy Playstation 3.

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