Sony takes third place in the smartphone market

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The mobile division Sony has managed to strengthen its market position, thanks to the good of their mobile bill Xperia . The Japanese company has climbed to third in the smartphone segment , behind Apple and powerful Samsung , which still has a very outstanding leadership over its competitors. The company has taken advantage of the drop in sales of other companies like HTC or RIM .

Data collected by IDC in the third quarter of this year make it clear that in the current scenario of smartphones is the most prominent company Samsung . The Korean company has not only maintained good numbers last year, but has increased its market dominance to a share of 31% (in the same period last year South Korea had a percentage of 22%). One of the keys to the growth of the South Korean company is in the exceptional performance that is having the Samsung Galaxy S3 . The company’s flagship terminal has sold 30 million devices in just one hundred days.

As stated above, the main change that the market has experienced over the previous year is the escalation of Sony . The Japanese company is placed in the third position with a market share of 4.8% , up from sixth in 2011. One step ahead is Apple with its iPhone . The U.S. company has a market share of 14.6% , thanks to the efforts of some markets like the U.S.. And the apple company does not have a significant influence in our country, where only share represents a 3% of sales.

Below are companies that are going through difficulties of varying magnitude. Nokia retains a presence in the smartphone market of 3.4% , but the Finnish company finally seems to have found the key to his return through the new Nokia Lumia 920 . This device class has sold 2.5 million terminals in just twenty days (and that even though it has not yet reached many markets as Spanish). This terminal has a very powerful specifications that place it at the same level as the iPhone or the Samsung Galaxy S3.

HTC has a market share of 4.6% . The company had grown considerably thanks to its commitment to the operating system Android , but with the growth of Samsung has lost a lot of market presence. Worse is the case of RIM with their terminals BlackBerry . The Canadian company has a market share of 4.2% , and through a very difficult period marked by the continued delays in the launch of new developments and the lack of confidence of their own investors. The output of the new BlackBerry OS 10 at the beginning of next year may be the last hope of a company involved in continuous sale rumors.

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