Sony revealed “Sony Core” new sensor wearable for your daily activity

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The wearable technology is taking by assault at CES 2014 , and there are no signs that this will change in the short term. How are we today? The device is called Sony Core , and it is a sensor that records different aspects of our daily activities, plus a bracelet suit for easy portability.

Obviously it is not enough to charge a smartphone or tablet to stay connected. The mobile devicesmust also collect details about our business, specific factors and monitor our health, especially when exercising.

 One of the most relevant ads world “wearable” came through and Lifeband LG Touch, but now we turn to Sony . As you can see, the Japanese giant step for CES 2014 is not limited to PlayStation, and this opportunity presented to Core , a sensor according to official words perhaps smaller “gadget” that Sony has done to date. At first glance, the Sony Core looks like the size of a USB flash drive, and you can carry in your pocket, or in a special bracelet. But most important of Sony Core is why can register . The information will not be limited to things like number of steps or distance, but with the help of the application Lifelog also be possible to register other kinds of events, such as what places visited, how many photos we take and where. In other words, Sony Core and Lifelog together create a digital log of each day .

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