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The Japanese company Sony has presented a few hours ago the results for Q1 2013 , or what is the same, the first fiscal quarter of this year, the truth is that they have proven to be far better than what was expected. Analysts expected the company to obtain good data Japanese but perhaps not as good as finally been. Sony has registered a net profit of 27 million euros , which is 5.3 percent more than estimated by analysts.

This figure undoubtedly is most surprising considering that during the same period last year Sony reported a loss of 188 million euros. Did the main reason for this recovery? Mobile devices, particularly the range of the Xperia , which have been well received among users.

Sony has released a operating profit of 279 million euros in Q1 fiscal 2013 results, which translates into a figure six times higher than in Q1 2012, which was 48 million euros. Note that the revenue -year sales increased by 13 percent, ranking it at 13,040 million euros, a figure all negligible.

As already mentioned above, the sale of mobile phones (both smartphones as tablets) has been the main cause of this increase in profits over the last year. But not only that, since the continued depreciation of the Yen has also proven to be a key factor.



Sony wants to regain its market position

The Japanese company wants to take advantage of the pull that has had its range Xperia and try and catch up with other major companies like Samsung and Apple . For this you need to climb several positions in the list, as Sony today is not one of the top five largest sellers of smartphones worldwide.

Although it is still way to go, the truth is that what has gone looks good, is that the area of smartphones and laptops has seen a large increase in sales, growing by 36.2 percent , what has allowed touching almost 3,000 million euros.

After spending four consecutive years posting losses seems that Sony has rediscovered its banks and restructuring they did in 2012 is starting to pay off. Still, not all divisions of the company to raise its head end, but is expected to gradually improve its benefits.

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