Sony prepares MyXperia, its own storage service in the cloud

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The Sony Xperia could soon have a new service itself. This would equate to MyXperia , an application for managing thecloud storage that would be positioned as an alternative to the Japanese to SkyDrive from Microsoft, iCloud and even AppleDrive and Dropbox .

The advantages of synchronizing files in the cloud have generated a lot of deals. There are numerous alternatives, although the most representative are provided by companies like Apple , Microsoft , and, further, Google and Dropbox . So far, firms that did not have its own storage service in the cloud with Dropbox associations resorted to as promotions, but it could be more than a stopgap measure to set up your own service. This could be the case of Sony .

Service URL to “active”

All tracks lead to the same conclusion . If you listened long ago that Sony valued the ability to create your own space with cloud sync, recent developments provide further details. For starters, the Japanese have already applied to register the name of the service in the OHIM in Europe. This would be the first step to begin the legal process of operation of the new service. We also found other evidence of the existence of MyXperia since URL redirects to the address There appears a credential access or the ability to create a new user. Of course, by now not available, but when it does it is, it may be indicative that the online storage of Sony already running.

The information provided by the manufacturer to the regulator offers virtually MyXperia confirmation that it is the application that will manage data synchronization for Sony Xperia in the cloud. So what software detailed description to mention the ability to upload, download and synchronize digital content stored in the internal memory of the terminal with an online server. However, no details concerning the characteristics of the system such as storage capacity, whether it is free or, otherwise, the price of the service.

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