Sony patents a ‘tablet’ video game called EyePad

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 A Sony patent reveals that the company has investigated the possibility of creating a device similar to a ‘tablet ‘, which has called EyePad . The terminal, which is known only through its conceptual design, would have a camera system to capture and interpret users’ movements without a physical check. EyePad could be one of the surprises that Sony show in your next presentation.


   On February 20 has been chosen by the Japanese company to make a major announcement about PlayStation. Rumors and leaks indicate that the company will showcase the next generation of PlayStation . In the last hours has leaked a supposed prototype of the console, which would have a touch pad as big news.However, expect more surprises.

   Amid speculation, a new patent of the company has seen the light. It is a device similar to a ‘tablet’, which Sony has dubbed EyePad. The name in itself is interesting because it sounds similar to Apple’s iPad. However, Sony did not seek this objective coincidence, but the terminal would be within the range Eye Company.

   The range consists Eye accessory like the EyeToy camera, which allows users to recognize and capture their movements. The EyePad seem to go on that line, being a ‘tablet’ very innovativeSpecifically, the patent published by Kotaku can see that the device would have two chambers designed to capture user movement. Thus, it may interact with the terminal without touching its screen.

   The ‘tablet’ EyePad patented by Sony also has physical controls , with buttons and Jostick. Also, is expected to have touch screen to allow its use as any other ‘tablet’ and could have technology to make their position and function as motion control system, the style of Move controls.

   With the Sony EyePad try to innovate in the control system of your console and adapt to the phenomenon ‘tablet’. The company would like the lines of Nintendo Wii U and GamePad , which has tried to unite the world ‘tablet’ with video games. It was not until the 20th to see if EyePad is real or just a patent that Sony thinks book.

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