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When the figure of LG Nexus 4 we started to remove the head the idea of a possible five new models Nexus, filtration of various images that are displayed and called Sony Nexus X returns to make sense of this approach. Will it be an adapted version of the newly named Sony Xperia and Xperia Yuga Odin?

For months it was rumored in the network the possibility of a release of up to five Google Nexus as celebration of the fifth birthday of Android. These models were manufactured by companies like HTC, LG, Motorola, Samsung and Sony.However, the theory lost consistency in recent weeks in favor of LG Nexus 4. Leaks model have shaped the image of supposed new Nexus, which seemed like it would take over the Galaxy Nexus and the manufacturer Samsung

The team Xperia Blog echoes the appearance of some questionable pictures of the Sony Nexus seems X. Although it is a project that makes sense, especially if the previous value, the fact is that the images appeared in Picasa offer some doubts. And it could well be an assembly in an effort to gain prominence or perhaps revive the hypothesis of a Sony Xperia Nexus.

As we offer in catches, the first is the least doubt, this could generate. In this we see a smartphone that closely resembles the design of the latest Sony Xperia. Furthermore, as has happened in previous Nexus models, the latter shares the characteristic front without buttons, which would included in the display itself through the system GUI.However, the picture that shows the rear sowing a sea of doubt, particularly concerning the bottom where can be seen the finishing of the casing in a very differentiated from the rest.

As for the features section, there is no specific evidence. Only if we let us carry on the evidence could speculate on some of these. While we might think that this Sony Nexus X, in which the reference appears suspiciously no key company, Xperia, could be based on any of the latest models leaked, such as the Sony Xperia Xperia Odin or Yuga. Pets bets.

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