Sony lowers the price of PS Vita in Japan to 160 euros

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The Japanese players are out of luck. The president of the company Sony Computer Entertainment Japan (SCEJ), Hiroshi Kawano, announced a significant drop in the price of your game console PlayStation Vita. As of April 28 the two models of the PlayStation Vita will cost the same. 

Both the model that has 3G and WiFi connectivity as it only has WiFi will cost the same from next February 28.

The version that has WiFi and 3G connectivity would your reduced price of 30,000 yen (240 euros) to 19 980 (about 160 euros), on the other hand the model with WiFi only would lower the price of 25,000 yen (about 200 euros) at the same price.

This is a great move to try to increase sales of this console that has not had a major release.

In addition, the company also announced that new users will be able to download for free your television service until late March Torne and a seven-day trial, also free of PlayStation Plus. The latter service enables access to evidence full games, huge discounts, exclusive access, automatic updates.

Sony may be following the example of Nintendo in 2011 that lowered the price of its Nintendo 3DS to cover more area and public, as their starting price was too high for some users, as is the case with the Sony handheld, according The Next Web.

Moreover even the PlayStation Portable (PSP) is selling very well in the Japanese region. One reason for this is the game series Monster Hunter has not yet been announced for the latest game console from Sony. All this plus the fact that the latter does not have great exclusive games results in the PlayStation Vita has it hard to get noticed in the market.

This fall in prices is not expected to also reach the U.S. and Europe, yet we should not rule anything out and the Japanese could spring a surprise on the Sony event held in New York on February 20 will say something. The event is also expected to reveal the new PlayStation 4.


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