Sony launches new range of laptops Vaio

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Sony VAIO has revolutionized its range, adding the touch experience on personal computers. The latest generation of the brand is dominated by its 10-point multi-touch screens, as bright as sensitive. His stylized Notebooks, include an innovative hybrid slider, a computer and a stylish family Ultrabook.


These models, on sale in the fall, releasing the potential of Windows 8 to transform work and play in a much more intuitive. With this launch, Sony offers a new user experience with attractive applications, online entertainment services and functions to facilitate connectivity between devices. It creates interactive applications, information for families to enjoy and mobile productivity. hybrid system The new VAIO range includes five models with different features: VAIO ™ Duo, 11, 1.3 Kgs of weight and 17.85 mm thick and processor Intel ® Core ™ generation. It becomes a powerful ultrabook to a convenient tablet. Write, makes sketches and interact with content and applications on your touch screen Full HD 29.4 cm (11.6 “).Your digital stylus pressure sensitive offers the ease and expressiveness of handwriting. familiar computer The VAIO ™ Tap 20 is a new concept in the area of new computer family. It comes equipped with an internal battery to move indoors. It can be placed flat on a coffee table for everyone to play on your multitouch screen, or you can open with a bent bracket and place editing photos or videos, to surf the Internet or other entertainment. Furthermore, can be used straight as a conventional desktop computer. Its screen of 50.8 cm (20 “), bright, crisp and has a wide viewing angle with 10 multi-function contact points allows the entire family participea while in a game or fun applications like Paint and Family Fingertapps Organizer.Ultrabook Touch The VAIO T Series 13 is touch and elegant. It is made from high quality materials such as magnesium and aluminum. Includes touch screen of 33.7 cm (13.3 “), IntelR Core ™ processor generation and storage SSD or hybrid HDD / SSD. Wake + Rapid Incorporates Eco, a quick way to start your computer in a few seconds, just by opening the lid.Branding VAIO E 14 P is updated with touch options. Lets enjoy games, applications and an entire media collection on a touch screen of 35.5 cm (14 “). It features the latest generation Intel processor. Its design is sleek, silver frame with soft edges, and distinctive violet details VAIO logo embedded in the aluminum housing. All-In-One Touch Experience reinvents VAIO L Series computers All-In-One . Thanks to X-Reality processor for Bravia TVs, to enjoy a truly natural and crisp images in multi-touch screen of 61 cm (24 “). Incorporates 2.1 speaker system with subwoofer S-Force Front Surround 3D. Some models include 3D ‘without glasses’, which allows you to enjoy 3D compatible applications, such as 3D PlayMemories Home and Family Paint, or convert Blu-ray ™ and other video content from 2D to 3D by simply pressing a button. Xperia Tablet S, mobile experiences Sony has also put on the market the new Xperia ™ Tablet S. Thinner and lighter than the original Sony Tablet S, is built with high quality materials to provide excellent handling and a comfortable design, both at home and outside. It includes a fast processor NVIDIAR Tegra ® 3 quad-core processor and Android 4.0.3 operating system, to provide all the power to enjoy content, applications and games. Xperia S Tablet is designed splash proof. Includes universal remote control with easy programming features, custom profiles for the whole family and also for visits, using the Guest Mode and sound quality of audio Sony, using Clearaudio +. It is perfect for multi-tasking, thanks to Small Apps Sony exclusive, as Walkman, Album or Movies and Sony Entertainment Network services. Available in stores since September, has a wide range of accessories, including bags, Dockings and supports.

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