Sony introduced the portable charger CP-A2LS and CP-ELS

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Sony has introduced to the  market of portable lithium-ion battery USB-device CP-A2LS and CP-ELS.

Charger CP-A2LS equipped with two ports USB, providing simultaneous charging of two mobile devices at a power consumption of each of them up to 500 mA. In the case of a USB port with an output of 1 A to charge your mobile device will take about 2 hours. Device CP-A2LS quite “afford” to deal with charging such high-energy devices, such as iPad tablet or iPhone, with a power consumption of 1 A. Charged Device Sony CP-A2LS saves up to 80% capacity (capacity 4000 mAh) for the year and withstands up to 500 cycles. With him in the kit provided AC adapter.


Model line Sony CP-ELS (CP-ELS, CP-ELSAW, CP-ELSBW, CP-ELSAIP) are more compact than the CP-A2LS, but have a smaller capacity – 2000 mAh battery, and they can be charged only one mobile device. The models differ in body color and complete sets. CP-ELS has a Micro USB-cable, CP-ELSAW and CP-ELSBW – cable and AC / USB-adapter for charging from the network, and in the scope of the model CP-ELSAIP also includes adapter to charge the iPhone.


All portable chargers Sony supplied pre-charged about 50% for emergencies. The estimated cost of CP-A2LS is 2899 rubles., CP-ELS (white housing) – 1699 rubles., CP-ELSAW (White) – 1799 rubles., CP-ELSBW (Black) – 1799 rubles., CP-ELSAIP (White) – 2199 rubles.

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