Sony develops smart wig- SmartWig

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A patent filed by Sony takes a few days head swirling around us as the gadget gets it: a ‘smart wig’ SmartWig .

When we thought the label of ‘smart’ mobile phones was over, televisions, sunglasses and watches Sony comes to us out of error.

And it seems that the Japanese firm is serious SmartWig describing as a portable computing device comprising a CPU, a set of sensors and an interface, all within the use of a wig to cover a portion of the user’s head.

As SmartWatch type the Galaxy Gear (and Sony, Motorola Pebble or more future Apple, Google or Microsoft) Sony wig be used in conjunction with other electronic gadgets like smartphones.

The first approach SmartWig can go to the health sector and will feature temperature sensors and blood pressure, but promises many more features. Currently under development, it is not certain that intelligent SmartWig wig hits the market.

We were considering naming Google Glass as ‘gadget of the decade’ but it seems we have to wait to see the rest of developments underway. Even Sony has a wig for  it.

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