Sony denies that its upcoming mobile devices incorporate Windows Phone 8

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 The Japanese company Sony has finally denied the rumors about the emergence of a new terminal with the Microsoft operating system . The next models will continue betting Xperia Android exclusively, as the company has also ruled out the creation of an OS itself.

   Gradually, the other giants are adopting mobile devices to Windows for some of their handsets, such as HTC, Acer and ZTE, regardless of the close relationship between Microsoft and Nokia. However, Sony did not find this market attractive and section chief telephony, Kunimasa Suzuki, has denied in the German newspaper  that Sony wants to join this initiative.

Sony is widely betting on Android . The company has announced that all its terminals and Sony Ericsson Xperia Xperia will be updated with version 4.0 of Android, IceCream Sandwich. For now, their high-end devices like Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc or Xperia P already carry this version.

   The company also presented at the IFA in Berlin last three new smartphones that are already standard IceCream Sandwich. The Xperia V, T and J are scheduled to jump to Jelly Bean over the next month.

   The confidence of the Japanese by the Android OS for their smartphones leaves no doubt. The same applies to the recent entry of the Xperia range in the world ‘tablet’. Sony Xperia S Tablet , also presented at the IFA, will be the first 9.4-inch device company that will incorporate Android 4.0 IceCream Sandwich .  

   However, in this case the company decided to innovate a bit and added some own apps to the device , which makes the experience of ‘tablet’ in something unique, compared to other Android 4.0. But innovation remains there. Kunimasa Suzukide also stressed that the company does not intend to develop a proper OS for its range of smartphones.

   ” We are not planning to equip our smartphones with its own operating system “, as published by Die Welt. This option also shuffled after that, in February, the CEO of Sony, Hirai said Kazuro could redesign the PlayStation OS to suit a ‘smartphone’ in the German newspaper Welt am Sonntag.

   Moreover, this strategy does not denote any contempt for Microsoft technology , because Sony has decided to incorporate it into your laptop hybrid between art and ‘tablet’, the Tabletop PC.

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