Sony confirmed in the new teaser that Sony Xperia Z1 is waterproof

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If anything can boast especially the Sony Xperia Z and his older brother, the Sony Xperia Z Ultra, is the same as the upcoming Sony Xperia Z1 can. All these smartphones have in common that they are waterproof. The difference is that Sony’s latest smartphone also features a camera with 20 megapixel sensor.


Sony Xperia Z1

Sony Xperia Z1

The Sony Xperia Z1 will be presented at the IFA 2013 in Berlin, which will begin on September 4 and runs for a week. In this event, Sony will release the successor to the Sony Xperia Z, one of the best smartphones from Sony to date (remember the Sony Xperia Z Ultra that is not yet on sale). This new terminal incorporates a main camera with 20 megapixel sensor while maintaining a size “compact” for the body of the smartphone.

The second teaser for Sony confirms that is waterproof

At first teaser Sony made ​​public through Twitter was little that was made ​​known. All that was shown, as you can see in the left image, was the power button and release characteristic of the Z of the Xperia range of Sony. A few days later, Sony tells us a second image in which it is confirmed that the Sony Xperia Z1 submersible’s next smartphone the company will launch (after Sony Xperia Z Ultra) and would be presented at the IFA 2013 in Berlin.

These are the two images that Sony have posted through the Twitter of Sony Xperia  to which is accompanied by a “hashtag” with the text “Best Of Sony”.

Sony Xperia Z1, best of Sony

As the company suggests, the Sony Xperia Z1 be the “best of Sony”. Not to be missed, the Z1 incorporate excellent Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 , the most powerful mobile processor available today. A will accompany this processor 2GB of RAM , a memory “standard” in the high-end mobile devices with Android operating system. But what sets this particular smartphone is the camera. A 20 megapixel sensor for main camera, and offer great quality in their results,does not make the smartphone from Sony is thick . The Sony Xperia Z1 maintains a design almost identical to Sony Xperia Sony Xperia Z and Z Ultra.

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