Sony buys cloud-based gaming service Gaikai

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Sony buys cloud-based gaming service Gaikai but  does not seem to like to keep Gaikai in its current form, but expect to establish our own cloud service using the company’s technology and knowledge in the area.More and more services move into the cloud, including games. Games are already on the various cloud services, but have not yet had a major impact. Large parts of the gaming industry believe that this is the future, including NVIDIA, which has developed specific graphics card solutions with the cloud in mind. We can now also count Sony in this category after the acquisition of Gaikai.

By combining Gaikais resources with SCE’s extensive knowledge and experience of gaming platforms, SCE will be able to provide users with unparalleled entertainment in the cloud. SCE will deliver a “cloud streaming” service in the world, Andrew House, President and Group CEO of Sony.

What exactly is Sony going to do with Gaikai is not clear, but it does not seem that Sony is planning to keep Gaikai in its present form. They should instead establish a new cloud service for the Sony brand. In the current situation streams Gaikai games through the cloud to everything from computers to television, surf boards and smartphones. A rumor says that Sony intends to take their entire game catalog of PlayStation 1 and 2 over to today’s PlayStation 3 and White using Gaikai. We find it not amazing that cloud computing will play a vital role in a future PlayStation fourth

The deal will cost Sony $ 380 million, which is lower than the $ 500 million Gaikai wanted when it began to show interest to be sold. Before the deal can be concluded in Sony and Gaikai awaiting approval by the authorities where they are both active, but in this case, there should be no problems for both parties.

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