Sony announces the PS4, but not taught

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Sony needs to take a more dramatic effect to be reconstituted as a company and to compete in an industry where product life cycle is getting shorter. A sort of identity crisis suffered other old actors in the world of consumer electronics, which run the risk of no longer be relevant in a business in which pointers were a decade ago.



What nobody will even remove Sony is the name recognition and popular brands such as PlayStation . The console is one of the three pillars on which the Japanese electronics firm now seeks to restore its glory days in the search almost desperate to expand the user base. To that end, today introduced the fourth generation of the device, although the act did not show any images of the PS4.

The big challenge for Sony, which has just put on sale its headquarters in New York, is to show that the console is not dead and that the PS4 is not his last. “It is the consumer who is changing us us. Demanded a new platform. I have understood, “said Andrew House in the introduction, CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment.

House presented it as an ecosystem built by makers of video games for the players. “The living room is no longer the center of the PlayStation, the player is” clinched the division chief. Now the connectivity between devices is what a user demand constant mobility. Essentially, the new PS4 will provide “added value” to the binomial sofa watching TV but more about the opportunities outside the home.

Sony sold 150 million PS2 consoles. Its successor, the PS3, is less than 80 million.There is an added challenge: the price

But the evidence is there. Not long ago a console’s life was more than five years. It was the time we had to wait to see the next generation. And it was also a lovely time for game developers. All that is history. Now Sony loses market share to new platforms more flexible and free that did not exist a decade ago.

Their rivals are also always the wolf ears. Microsoft plans to submit by June its new products for the Xbox 360Nintendo did a few months ago with the Wii U, but sales are still disappointing . All three have a common problem: the emigration of games to mobile and tablets. That new reality is dominant in numbers.

Sony sold 150 million PS2 consoles. Its successor, the PS3, is less than 80 million. There is an added challenge: the price. Because it is not just to offer customers the best experience, you have to give a value that is sufficiently low, even free-to compete with mobile games and do well without that impact on the image of the brand.

The consoles are sold nearly at a loss, but where money is made ​​in selling games. This forces Sony to keep in mind at the ball to Activision Blizzard, Electronic Arts, Take-Two Interactive and Unisoft. The four major game publishers are also under the pressure of new social games.This is the case of the retail chain GameStop .  The PS4 is also presented as an open platform for developers.

So you need to give new meaning to the console in every way, as happened to the mobile phone when converted into a smartphone . This is what Microsoft has long sought, that tries to convert the device at the center of entertainment in the home. The new PlayStation hit the market seven years after the launch of the third generation.

At the convergence of mobile to consoles and entertainment center, the PlayStation will control the electronic device from the phone or tablet.There is a revolution, since the Xbox 360 and allows connection to devices with the Windows operating system, Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android. But the PS4 look better integration.

The console will have eight gigabytes of main memory and will be operated by a new command. At traditional buttons adds a touch panel.Includes a button to share that “simplifies” social interactions.Furthermore, it is accompanied by a stereo camera similar to the Kinect.“We want to ensure that nothing stands between the platform and the pleasure of playing,” said Mark Cerny, responsible for the architecture of the PS4.

Sony PS4 bet on the secondary processor enabling simultaneous downloads while gaming. Not just about winning in speed. “This is an evolution of the game itself,” he said Cerny, to make it more personalized social while. Also looking to cash in with this change to the recent purchase of Gaikai, offering real-time games online. You can transfer the PS4 games to Vita handheld console.

But if you want Sony, like Microsoft, is to master their new consoles with experience in the living room, you should not lose sight of the steps that go for Apple. For now, it seems that is ahead. Wall Street expects the device to which the Cupertino firm could revolutionize the way we consume audiovisual content reaches the end of the year. The company has given no indication of prices.

Go one step ahead of the competition could therefore help Sony to revive sales of its TVs. But it remains to be seen if the consumer is willing to renew this cycle battery electronic gadgets that was accumulated over the years. The other two pillars of the new strategy are digital cameras and mobile phones, which does not make money.

Although the game is the essence of the PlayStation, House made it clear that it is not only revolutionize the console. It now expects this technological change permeates the entire Sony product portfolio. The yardstick for the Japanese multinational is very high, as admitted by the Japanese brand executive, said there was therefore to take a step higher.

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