Solar plane returns to Switzerland and complete 1st intercontinental flight

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Solar Impulse landed in Switzerland this afternoon after flying six thousand kilometers from the country and Morocco.

The Solar Impulse airplane on Tuesday completed the first intercontinental flight powered solely by the sun’s energy that captures and stores in its wings. The prototype able to fly out of fuel landed at 20:30 local (15:30 GMT) at the airport in Payerne, a city located in the northwest of Switzerland where its hangar, after completing a flight of six thousand miles that took him to Ouarzazate, in the center of Morocco , with stopovers in Madrid and Toulouse (France). Psychiatrist and Swiss adventurer Bernard Piccard and former pilot André Borschberg military, drivers of this project, wanted to demonstrate the enormous potential of renewable energy sources and their reliability.  The crew participated in a series of activities related to promotion of renewable energy at the invitation of the Moroccan Agency for Solar Energy. Upon landing back in Switzerland, the Impulse completed the journey without using any fuel. Furthermore, it was the conclusion of a tour which put the whole event more than any other aircraft’s technical ability to face difficult weather conditions and weather.


This was one of the reasons why the round trip in Morocco was conducted in eight periods, with an average of 750 miles of continuous flight. The hardest part of the trip was landing at their final destination, as Ouarzazate, the 1151 meters over sea level, is located in the Atlas mountain range, an area of frequent electrical storms, strong winds, turbulence and thermals. The Impulse was initially designed to prove their ability to fly day and night, who overcame a challenge in 2010, with a continuous flight of just over 26 hours . “We went beyond that purpose to prove that their technology is reliable and efficient energy consumption,” explained the project team, which includes the completion of this trip to North Africa as a successful test in order to travel around the world scheduled for 2014. However, this trip around the planet will not be held with the current prototype, but one that is currently being built in Switzerland with the participation of several companies that are innovating and introducing new proprietary technologies. 

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