A software that lets you draw with your voice

VOPA is computer software that allows people with partial or full draw with your own voice mobility disabilities.


A group of students of Industrial Engineering at the Miguel Hernández University of Elche (Spain) has created VOPA (Voice Paint), a computer software that allows people condiscapacidad partial or total engine drawing with his own voice.

This software tool is based on a composite by a dynamic menu commands (including colors and directions to paint as up, down or out) and pre-designed images (a cartoon, ghost, etc) interface, thanks to speech recognition or keyboard, allowing the user to draw what you want.

How the program works is simple: it recognizes the user’s voice through the microphone and performs what he says on the screen through a stylus. “Until now there were only moving mice tongue for disabled people, so we decided to focus on developing a tool that would work with speech recognition,” says Cecilio Delgado, co-author.

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