Softonic exceeds 5 million downloads per day

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 We already recorded more than 5 million downloads per day, the highest figure so far down the page. Of these discharges, a million come from the mobile version. WhatsApp is the most downloaded mobile application for  users.



   The online guide to ‘software’ We have reached the highest number of downloads to date, with more than 5 million daily .Its mobile version has become a very important part of the company and up to one million downloads from the ‘smartphones’ and ‘tablets’.

   For Spanish users programs facing more paea Download Windows platforms are the free version of avast!, Ares and uTorrent. Among the highlights Mac video player VCL Media Player , the file player Adobe Flash Player and again uTorrent download tool.

   In the case of smartphones the most downloaded Whatsapp Spain is followed by the virtual pet Pou, who succeeds especially among users of iPhone and Android, and BlackBerry Line highlighting for.

   The most popular categories for Windows on the Spanish site of Softonic show greater interest from users download software and games desktop. For Mac users, the choice opt for the Internet focused software as well as on the video. Both Windows and Mac the utility programs, system enhancements,optimization and maintenance of PC among others, are of shared interest. In the case of mobile games are preferences and communication software.

   We have not stopped growing since its founding in 1997, so the company is working to continue to innovate and evolve in order to be useful for a number of users increasing. To achieveincreased diversification efforts on platforms and devices on which it operates.

   On page available the most complete software for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and other popular operating systems. In addition the company also offers a suite of solutions for software developers that allows them to publish, manage, distribute and promote their programs. We received more than 140 million unique users per month.

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