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A new social network begins to be talked about: it is of , developed by a start-up eponymous just completed a fundraiser participatory nearly 800,000 dollars, by launching a fundraising campaign.

Based on the system of crowd Funding, has been around the web looking for partners and investors.More than 12,000 users responded to this call, while the initial goal was to reach a funding of 500 000 dollars.Founded by Dalton Caldwell and still in alpha, presents itself as a “social service” real-time , and thus directly competing Twitter or Facebook, with one major advantage: the lack of advertising.

According to its founder “[…] users and developers spend in first, by the advertisers.”

However, if the insertion of advertising is not provided, has had to find another business model. The admission fee was the chosen solution, which could limit the impact and success of this new social network …

For now, users must pay $ 50 a year to gain access to unlimited and post messages of up to 256 characters (against 140 for Twitter).

A “contribution” of $ 100 a year to access and use and enhance the API (application programming interface) social network.

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