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The effectiveness of a “tweet” is directly related to the quality checking.A message without spelling errors, properly constructed, simple and direct relevance can generate more than one written with abbreviations . In addition, Twitter feeds the ego, the expected load on the links generates anxiety and write well communicated better.



These are among the findings of a report prepared by the consultants Redbility and influenZia in collaboration with the Universidad Europea de Madrid (UEM), which analyzes the behavior of network users to “microblog” Twitter.

Another aspect analyzed is the use of the links shared by users. The study reveals that the use of link shorteners not always impact on traffic, and that “hide the meaning of the URL the user generating uncertainty and lengthen the waiting time for loading the content.” If the content is shared target professional profiles with low tolerance for waiting can be “counterproductive” the use of these tools.

Also the device from which you access the application influences the consumption of 140-character messages. “If our reader is consuming from a mobile device, we will mainly pay attention to the body of ‘tweet.’ But if we consume from a PC will have to take into account other aspects such as avatar, nick or name account. If our customer is a professional social networks, it is possible that the ‘tweet’ to consume from the ‘Connect’ which pays close attention to the avatar and the issuer “includes the study.

The effectiveness of the ‘tweet’, reveals the report, depends on several aspects like the subject addressed by the user from whom the message, the tone, and the time zone. According to the researchers, there are more likely to consume a ‘tweet’ which deals around the area of social networks, current issues and technology area. In style, it is preferable to rely on informational messages and aseptic, even if they are written from the irony or humor “will also have a good chance of succeeding.”

The “Twitter report” highlights three main profiles of users of the popular application: professional social networks (37%), professionals in social networks (29%) and individuals (34%). Another of the conclusions reached by analysts is that Twitter feeds the personal ego that is also the source of emotional stimulation in this network, which has over 200 million users worldwide.

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