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A gesture as simple as inserting various keywords carries within it a complex mechanism that occurs in less than one second. The (changing ) search algorithm Google has always been a mystery. The company has been improving it and modifying it in recent years to give priority to their services and the latest information.

Google Search Algorithm

Google Search Algorithm

But how does it really work? The U.S. software giant has launched awebsite to address the mechanism of the algorithm. From “How Search Works” shows the steps from the moment in which it enters a query to find the result, passing up as indexing the spam is removed, a process that occurs “automatically” warns Company.

The search engine contains over 30 trillion pages , manages about 100 billion gigabytes, receives around 100,000 million monthly searches and “is constantly growing.” Recalculate and order this material occurs through the “crawling”, which runs through the different pages. The owners of the portals can decide if your content is crawled or not.

Google ranks pages based on content and other factors through a series of mathematical formulas that offer “the best possible outcome.” These algorithms set to work to search engine to translate what the user intends to find. So through various features such as spelling error correction, the proportion of alternative search or auto search results narrow.

Based on these parameters, returns a ranking of results using more than 200,000 variables. “Our algorithms are constantly changing.These changes begin in the minds of our engineers. They take ideas and conduct experiments, analyze the results, adjust and play again and again, “says the company.

Reason for dispute

Just search algorithm has been contested. From Google claimed that Microsoft copied the search results featuring your browser, a history that began when the service corrected typos of the Internet in Google offered the same results in Bing uncorrected.

The company is working on a technology to Chrome on Android compression will reduce data consumption and load web pages faster on slow connections. This is precisely one of the strengths of competing browsers like Opera.

Like other browsers have done for devices Opera Mobile as Silk and Amazon , among others, Google is developing its own compression technology for Android Chrome browser. This will reduce consumption and load data to web pages faster on slow connections, very practical with very limited data rates.

The developer Francois Beaufort , known as Pixel Chromebook filter and report on the new unified messaging service Google has discovered in the Android code that Google Chrome is developing an experimental feature, chrome :/ / flags, which will reduce consumption data using Google servers and SPDY protocol. In this way, be responsible for compressing the web page the user wants to visit to show its reduced version and save data and load the desired content faster in case we have a bad download speed on the device.

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