SMS spoofing hole is limited to iOS

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The last week of the hacker “pod2g” reported SMS spoofing hole is limited to iOS. Adaptive Mobile has further research on the issue and concludes that it is possible spurious texts and phishing attacks on the iPhone discover much heavier than on mobile devices with another operating system.

The difference is that iOS only a field for “Reply To” shows that can be misused to bring other than the actual sender number to the field of view of the user.“We have tested it on Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry and Symbian, and most ignore the ‘Reply address’ show or simply – as required by the specification of both addresses,”.

“The iPhone is so far the only device that does not comply with the safety recommendations. Apple has thus a major flaw in its phones, the users could be fooled to send some personal information to hackers and criminals. “AdaptiveMobile therefore fully endorses the original thesis of” pod2g on “.

The Reply-to-box was meant for promotional messages, to avoid replying to an imaginary phone number only for shipping, writes Daid. But today it is common for cell phones ignored the field.

Apple did not respond to inquiries directly, but the uncertain SMS technology itself blamed. The problem would not exist, if any iMessage would use.

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