Smartphones with Windows Phone 8 use 11 million Hotspots

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Devices with Microsoft’s operating system Windows Phone 8 to 11 million Wi-Fi hotspots worldwide are free. This is indicated by Microsoft Access Partners Devicescape. Hotspots of the value created through crowd sourcing network – also called Curated Virtual Network (CVN) – are used by plant operators regularly checked for quality.


Accessible to users for WP8 CVN indeed include radio networks of restaurants and hotels, but not private home networks. Devicescape is already since June contract partner of Intel , which uses hotspots to update ultrabooks and other devices with its Smart Connect technology, while they are in sleep mode.

Devicescape CEO Dave Fraser says: “By using the Devicescape network of public hotspots, canMicrosoft considerable value to its Windows Phone-8-users to pass, as they can log in to a nearby high-quality Wi-Fi network. You now have an option to restrict their monthly fees and not to give up the familiar quality of service. “

The term ‘close to’, however, is relative. While Devicescape in New York can offer thousands of access points, there are about three in Munich.

The power of Devicescape is currently also under the name EasyWifi as an app available for free.The Operator reserves the right to change the Terms of Service generous in the future. However, the offer is currently on the majority of smartphones not be exercised: The app for iOS had to be stopped due to Apple’s requirements, and also for Android , there are no log-in App .

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