Smartphones causes pain in neck and thumb

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smartphones make life easier by allowing answer emails and reply instantly but can also cause new diseases as problems in the thumb and neck pain .

The orthopedic surgeon Antonio Galvan , hospitals Chiron Tenerife , explained in an interview with Efe that the use of mobile phones to speak at length cause hand injuries, especially in the first finger, being the most used in these apparatuses.

Also causes back problems, especially in the cervical region, the position taken when using the mobile phone, explained the specialist in microsurgery of the hand.

The doctor explains that tendon injuries , especially in the extensors of the thumb, causing pain in the finger with radiation to the wrist .

“In the beginning are casual and match using the phone, but later can become chronic and painful in times when we are not using,” says Galvan.

The joint pain also may occur mainly correspond to the base of the thumb, which ignites as the position adopted thumb typing on smartphones, called “lateral pinch” , is the most damaging.

Another very common disease and related to the above is the compression of the median nerve in the wrist , the syndrome “carpal tunnel” , an injury whose incidence has increased in young people due to the overuse of the hand in working life by using computers mouse and leisure time, by the use of mobile phones.

A flock consultation with any of these conditions young women between 16 and 30 years with a lot of elasticity in the joints of the hands, which predisposes them to have problems related to the constant use of mobile phone .

At the moment, most injuries is improved by decreasing the activity, with protective splints, anti-inflammatory drugs and physiotherapy.

However, the orthopedic surgeon warns that when these lesions become chronic problems may lead to degenerative thumbs and wrists.

According to the specialist, smartphones, to provide a small-sized keyboard, you are not prepared to send long messages and steadily, because this extended use mostly injured thumb frequently.

Some people are injured with mobile use half hour a day and some people use it more time and nothing happens, says the doctor, who says that the elasticity in the joints is the main constraint to reach any illness.

The misuse of mobile first generates inflammatory processes can become degenerative in hand and also leads to neck problems, as a poor position of the spine produces muscle contractions.

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