Smartphones 2,560-screen 2014 x 1600 pixels

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The screen size and native resolution will continue to rise in the next-generation smartphones, with Japanese and Korean manufacturers in full development of smart phones by 2014.


If you look great the current smartphones , grab what comes because they are advertised development panels 6 inches with a native resolution WQXGA 2560 x 1600 pixels .

Since we moved the 5 inches and the Full HD standard in the high-end smart phones of 2013 and is in full compliance. Next year will see another upward pull.

If the maximum pixel density is 440 ppi now, for next year are announced resolutions ranging overcomebarrier of 500 dots per inch , perhaps too much for the eyes of some users.

As for the technology you talk about OLED and AH3-IPS and IPS AH5- family of high performance Advanced-In plane switching that are commonly used in professional computer monitors.

For manufacturers, Japan Display, Sharp, Samsung and LG are the quartet that will continue to dominate the industry and set trends. Passing trend by 6 inches and the wqxga. Almost nothing!

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