Smartphone Sony C530X, filtered Internet features

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Sony has prepared the launch of a new smartphone in the coming months, after filing a few weeks ago and Xperia Xperia Z XL.

Sony C530X

Now, they are in the midst of preparations for the launch of Sony C530X , a mid-range smartphone with sleek, minimalist design, which so far little is known of its official specifications.

Sony Huashan , the other name that you know this team has a good chance of being shown in its entirety during the MWC 2013, along with other products of the Japanese brand, that despite not living in the best position financial, is struggling to stay current in this competitive market.

Features of Sony C530X (subject to change).

  • Pro S4 Snapdragon processor dual core at 1.7 GZH.
  • HD screen (pixels not specified).
  • Jelly Bean OS 4.1.2.

Depending on the release date, it is quite likely that Sony C530X specifications than those mentioned above, but chances are no changes in this regard, especially considering that this will be a cheap and simple smartphone to those not interested in a very cumbersome with too many applications.

As soon as we know more information about releases and rumors of Sony , will let you know as soon as possible: we hope that the brand has a better year sales compared to last year, with Apple and Samsung for leading the market, there is no room wide for competition.

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