Smartphone sales for the first time exceed normal phones

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The samartphones continue to grow strongly throughout the world, while so this year for the first time in sales to surpass traditional phones. So says the latest report from Gartner that found that of the 1,900 million units to be sold in 2013, 1,000 million will be so-called smartphones. consultant projections are given in the context of the delivery of the sector balance for the fourth quarter of 2012, revealing that global sales of handsets fell 1.7% compared to 2011 to 1,750 million units. Gartner explained that this decrease is explained by the global economic situation and the strong competition that exists in industry. “The difficult economic conditions, changing consumer preferences and intense competition in the market weakened the global handset market,” said Anshul Gupta, an analyst at Gartner. Great leaders
 But what really matters to the industry is the smartphone market, according to the Consumer Electronics Association, will move about $ 330 billion this year. In this context, Gartner figures reveal the weight uncounterable with Samsung and Apple because, according to figures from the fourth quarter 2012, controlling 52% of all that market. The Korean at that time sold 64.5 million units (85.3% increase), while Apple sold 43.5 million (22.6%). Not to mention Google whose Android operating system (using manufacturers like LG, Samsung, Motorola and Huawei, among others) has increased its market share to almost 70%. Gartner figures suggest that the Nokia-Microsoft alliance is not giving many results. Although sales of Windows Phone devices (which are mostly Nokia) rose 123% in the fourth quarter, the market share of that OS reached only 3% versus 1.8% in the same period 2011 .The big loser in any case is BlackBerry. The candiense sold 7.33 million units, representing a fall of 44.3% in a year. Candiense firm has put all his chips in its latest BB10 platform, according to initial reports, has been well received in UAE Arab Emirates.

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