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The cheap mobile Mozilla and Telefónica will be released in 2013 in Brazil

Nicholas Negroponte made a revolution without trying. From the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) launched a project to build a computer for less than $ 100 in the most disadvantaged thinking. Never got it, but from that idea came to market netbooks, a light weight computers, limited power but very practical with a price of around 300 euros.

The Mozilla Foundation and Telefónica want to repeat this model with mobile phones for 80 euros. “If the Firefox browser got changed the way they are built and loaded web pages, with this phone want the same thing happening in the world of advanced mobile,” explains Carlos Domingo , Director of Innovation at Telefónica Digital.

In February during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona , signed an alliance to create an open operating system. Chinese company ZTE, fourth largest manufacturer of mobile, will the first commercial model. Alcatel will be next. The initial prototype reminds a lot to early Android. Three-inch touch screen, four buttons: menu, home, back and search. Again, similar to the first androids. The idea is not so much innovate as making a smartphone for everyone.

In January 2013 it will begin selling in Brazil. “It is a key market and this phone is perfect for Internet start carrying in his pocket. We hope to welcome in Latin America, where Internet penetration is still on the phone 37%, “insists the director. One of the most interesting features is the presentation of messages and calls, developed by Spanish engineers, and Fernando Jiménez Borja Salguero. Both highlight the possibilities for developers and content creators. “Almost anyone who has a website can become application in a few steps,” they insist.

We have agreements with Facebook and Twitter to manage the calendar and contacts. “Google forced to go through and we seemed Google+ social network of choice for users,” qualifies Sunday.

The screen definition is similar to the iPhone 3G, the exterior design. Most striking is the interface. Firefox OS , as it is called the operating system, and a lot to remember wearing the latest Palm handhelds, the WebOS. In fact, both are based on web standards. Closing applications is similar, just drag up an application to dismiss.

A photo on the bottom rows are projected programs: email, contacts, games, calculator, calendar, instant messaging … The gallery, in addition to being fluent, notable for including retouching tools, cutting and photo filter.

But more interesting is the application window. Marketplace and will be called Firefox will open, much as it is a collection of plugins for the browser, without having to wait for approval. The latter, because of anger and disappointment both for Google and Android. Suffice it to recall the case of the magazine very interesting and the iPad kiosk . As Android does not look like it is in the form of payment for downloading applications. Payment may be deducted from the balance or pass it to the invoice.

The motivation of this union is not corner the market so as to make it evolve. “When Firefox came the computer most of the market was Explorer. Due to its commitment to open web Apple created Safari and Google Chrome did. Want to be an alternative to Apple and Android for the market to open and evolve,” says Sunday .

A Mozilla alliance and Telefónica operators have joined Deutsche Telekom, Sprint, Telecom Italia and Etisalat.

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