Smart window closes when it detects rain

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Climate comfort

What could be better than open and close all windows of your house or apartment at the push of a button, which can be the “button” of the cell?Yes, there is something that can be better than that, let your windows close automatically whenever they detect rain or strong winds, or a very large temperature difference.

The smart window, which can be programmed to shut itself or by remote control, begin to be manufactured on an industrial scale at the end of this year.







In the summer, you can program them to automatically open overnight, cooling the house. In winter, they may open when detecting a higher temperature on the outside, heating the house.All this is possible thanks to a sensor to embed windows created by the team of engineer Klaus-Dieter Taschka, Institute for Integrated Circuits (IIS) in Germany.

Magnetic 3D

The smart monitor is based on a 3D magnetic field sensor that is already being produced on an industrial scale for use in washing machines where it determines the exact position of the drum.

“We adapt this technology for use in windows. One sensor embedded within the internal window pane detects the position of the sliding measuring changes in the angle and position of a magnet embedded in the bottom of the sash,” explains Taschka. “The sensor detects if a window appears to be closed properly, but actually was only ajar, without crashing. No other system does this.”

The system also helps protect the house against burglary – the magnet can not be removed without the sensor identifies its removal.

The complete module sensor also has a microcontroller and a radio frequency unit, in which the system communicates with a central station, which can be a PC, a tablet or a phone.

Smart Window

As it was designed to be embedded in the window, the module uses no batteries and requires no wiring.

Thanks to its very low consumption, it uses the technology of energy harvesting , producing electricity from the normal vibrations of the environment, by means of a piezoelectric nanogenerator .

Other options include generating electricity from heat or sunlight.

The smart window, including sensor, magnet, communication module and radiofrequency energy collector should begin to be manufactured industrially by the end of this year, the German company Seuffer, which licensed the technology.

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