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While the European Regional Forum Samsung presented little new about what we had left the Korean view in Las Vegas, yes we could see close its proposed new Smart Camera: The NX300 that integrates WiFi and the possibility of photographs and video in three dimensions .


With APS-CMOS sensor of 20.3 megapixels, the NX300 is able to offer complete clarity in all lighting conditions: Its wide ISO range (100 to 25600) further improves the results, allowing users to capture a balanced images even under ensures low light according to the manufacturer.

Performance wise also noteworthy that the new NX300 incorporates image processor manufactured by Samsung DRIMe IV and gives greater speed and better image quality.

We explained Daniel Molero, marketing manager of Samsung cameras, this processor is important to improve color reproduction and greatly reduce noise in images, and provides support for capturing full HD quality video in both 2D and 3D.

And is that the latter is possible because another major gambling image Samsung has been launching its new NX 45mm F1.8 lens 2D/3D capable of capturing both stills and movies in full HD format and three-dimensional quality.

Another important fact worth mentioning is that thanks to the NX300’s autofocus system “Hybrid Auto Focus”, which provides great speed and accuracy, contrast detection and shutter speed of 1/6000 seconds and continuous shooting of 8.6 fps, making it virtually impossible to escape the moment you want to immortalize the image.

Design-wise, I have to say that the NX300 seduced me at first: In a slim body, light and compact, with about 280 grams, is comfortable and easy to handle, because with its retro design is meant for us easy access to its controls.

So, while holding the body of the NX300 with your left hand, with the right you can adjust its buttons and controls without any problems or effort. It is noteworthy that incorporates HDMI output on its side and 1130 mAh battery.

Another important fact is its screen: AMOLED 84mm (3.31 inches), it is a touch pad WVGA (800 × 400) which provides the focus and the shot, and as well is hinged greatly facilitates the capture at angles low and high, allowing users to take snapshots from any angle.

Besides keeping the focus on connectivity (in this case only because the 3G WiFi remains exclusive Camera Galaxy), Samsung NX300 with this user wants to seduce with knowledge of photography, thus allowing full manual control team , and also give an opportunity to amateur users without deep technical knowledge to be able to get photos and video of professional quality.

For the latter, the NX300 has the “Smart Mode”, an automatic mode that allows users to choose from 14 different configurations, such as creative shooting, landscape and light trail, always automatically adjusting parameters such as the opening and shutter speed to get the best picture in the desired location.

An interesting fact is that in the European Regional Forum Samsung guys also showed us all the accessories for the NX300, ranging from belts to tripods and housings, so if you want one of these Smart Camera You know if you get your accessories soon … And is that one of the heaviest things that have happened, and then to acquire gadgets are concerned, is that I bought a device and then not get anywhere protective case or let alone another kinds of accessories, have you been too?

Anyway, the NX300 is certainly a very attractive proposition for design and specifications, which surely draw the attention of photo enthusiasts (and not so) looking for a full-featured compact camera, and also the possibility of share content wirelessly to other devices either Samsung ecosystem (through applications and features developed for this purpose) or through the network by incorporating WiFi connectivity.

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