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Yesterday we mentioned the new update of Google Play I was going through the network and that soon would install , automatically, in our terminals. Well, this update brings a feature of most interesting and useful known as Smart App Updates . Something that was announced during the conference Google I / O in two months ago and it finally comes to market applications of Google .

This function is intended for the improvement of application updates . So far, when an application receives an update needed to download it again completely . Thus, a game or an application of any kind, had to do a full discharge, with mobile data costs and time that entails. However, Smart App Updates this changes to optimize update downloads.

smart app updates

Thus, this feature allows download only the part of the application to be updated . This represents a good saving our rate MB of data and time , requiring less time to install these updates. For example, an application like Instagram occupies around 13 MB . An update to add a new filter or function , or to fix a bug , can occupy about 3 MB , depending on each case and application. The savings are considerable, especially in games, which tend to have a higher weight.

But the best feature is that Smart Apps Updates is activated automatically after updating Google Play .Thus, when we are notified that there are any updates available and access to the download screen, simply press the Reload see this process. Despite seeing the total size of the application, the download bar indicating the progress stops when needed down the portion of the update , then install it happening.

As we say, this feature is included in the new update of Google Play . However, it seems that is only available for terminals whose system operating Android version 2.3 has the , known as Gingerbread , or any later version . Definitely a great utility to improve sometimes cumbersome updates that we accumulate and even block our device have to handle large applications.

For now we have to wait until you receive the updated Google Play . We may be sure that App Updates Smart is active to update an application or to find that our version of the Google application market has reached number  . This issue can be seen in the menu settings by sliding the screen to see the version of the compilation . As mentioned, the update will be launchedgradually and automatically , so it is possible that in the coming days we can enjoy the feature Smart App Updates .

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