Skype totaled 2,000 million minutes of free in one day

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Skype has broken its own record. Users of the popular communication tool, now owned by Microsoft, has reached 2,000 million minutes of free in one day, representing more than 33 million hours online.



To get an idea of ​​the scale of this figure, it is time to travel to the moon and back more than 225,000 times, walking around the Earth more than 845 times or travel to Mars over 5,400.

This time I have shared millions of people for 33 million hours have laughed, sang, joked or simply have remained in contact. That means about 1,388,000 days of cohabitation, which are shared over 3805 years or about 38 centuries of time spent in one day Skype.

With numbers like these Skype has become a tool that is part of daily life and routine of many people, and not just for special occasions but has been formalized as a habit in many homes. With Skype you can connect with others anywhere in the world and on any device, computers, iPhones, iPads, Kindle Fires, Androids, Macs, and even TVs wimdows Phone.

This massive amount of connection, which involves long enough to see 1.6 million films, is also a testament to the hard work of our product teams that have allowed Skype to develop every day.Whether making a voice call or video, sending an instant message, share a file or a connection with a group of friends, this tool allows to easily zoom and quality to people around the world.

Skype wants to celebrate this fact and that is why we ask our users to follow the company on Facebook and Twitter (@ skype) to discuss and have passed some of those 2,000 million minutes with the ‘hashtag’ # 2 trillion.

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